P3: Design Evaluation

P3 Instructions

Please  plan to present/demo your project on Mon, Apr 24th and also turn in your P3 report by Mon, Apr 24th.

P2: Prototype Development

Please read (early) P2 Instructions

Please complete P2 by Mon, Apr 10th

P1: User Research and Design Alternatives

Please read (early) P1 Instructions

Please complete P1A by Mon, Feb 6th
Please complete P1B by Mon, Mar 1st

Note: you have the option of sketching a storyboard for part of P1B. Prepare to sketch by reviewing these resources.

Please complete P1C by Mon, Mar 13th

P0: Form Teams

Please complete by Fri, Jan 27th
  • List the members of your team
  • Identify the high-level problem area or topic of interest

Enter this information in the “Project Teams” Wiki page (in T-Square) .

* Great suggestions by Randy Pausch for how to work successfully in groups.
* NY Times Magazine feature: What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team